Grease Traps

We can execute scheduled or emergency grease trap pumping services for businesses and homeowners. Our company specializes in confined space entry cleaning to remove grease that other companies may not be able to reach. When we complete a grease trap pumping, our team can also ensure that the grease trap is properly functioning, as well as repair broken or obstructed lines.

We pump grease traps on a small scale (typically 500 gallons or less). Most of the time, home owners have grease traps that kick off of the kitchen area and connect to a field line.

We specialize in these types for grease traps and we offer jetting service to these grease traps as well. Household grease traps can run anywhere from 30 gallons on up to 500 gallons. We have the ability to service any size residential grease trap and we will make sure your grease system is performing at it’s best.